my Mission:

To deliver transformative experiences that enhance the ability of individuals and organizations to meet their greatest challenges and fulfill their greatest potential.



My own journey has taught me one very important lesson:

We have the capacity for joy, satisfaction, and self-expression as leaders in our lives and work far beyond the limitations imposed by society, family, and self. 


Before I fell in love with the transformational impact of coaching, I spent decades as a degreed percussionist performing jazz and classical music, and the amazing music of cultures from around the world. Rhythms, cycles and improvisation have always been central to my joy and passion, the spontaneous personal expression that is such a vital part of all living cultures, and indeed, all our lives. 

I bring to my coaching and facilitation the great gifts music has given me: deep curiosity, the capacity to listen for rhythm, relationship and cadence, and an ability to trust my intuition and improvise naturally as we explore both areas of harmony and of dissonance in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

In addition to my one on one work with individuals and organizational leaders, I have designed and facilitated team-building, communication and leadership workshops for over 20 years.





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