Article - Harvard Business Review - What Coaches Can Do For You

Do companies and executives get value from their coaches? When we asked coaches to explain the healthy growth of their industry, they said that clients keep coming back because “coaching works.”

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Article - Forbes Business Journey - 6 Ways An Executive Coach Can Make You More Successful

Like any new endeavor, working with a coach can be challenging and even a little scary. But if you’re brave, committed and curious, you’ll find your coaching relationship can be a powerful catalyst to becoming the person you most want to be.

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Article - Harvard Business Review - The Realities of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching does appear to be creating a space for itself in the
corporate landscape, particularly with the shift toward coaching high



Article - Inc. Magazine - Google Spent Years Studying Effective Teams. This Single Quality Contributed Most to Their Success

In a team with high psychological safety, teammates feel safe to take risks around their team members. They feel confident that no one on the team will embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting a mistake, asking a question, or offering a new idea.

In other words, great teams thrive on trust.

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Article - Harvard Business Review - Research: 83% of Executives Say They Encourage Curiosity. Just 52% of Employees Agree.

Successful organizations are rooted in curiosity.





Rhythm Research and Resources - A collection of resources focused on group rhythm based activities that demonstrate the therapeutic effect on mood states and physiology.

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Article - Stanford Medicine - Music moves brain to pay attention, Stanford study finds

Using brain images of people listening to short symphonies by an obscure 18th-century composer, a research team from the Stanford University School of Medicine has gained valuable insight into how the brain sorts out the chaotic world around it.


Research - National Center for Biotechnology Information - Music and social bonding: “self-other” merging and neurohormonal mechanisms

It has been suggested that a key function of music during its development and spread amongst human populations was its capacity to create and strengthen social bonds amongst interacting group members.