The end result of his work with us was a strong sense of collaborative leadership, an understanding of how each person is important to the organization, and an overall deepening of our organizational culture. We couldn’t be happier with the results.
— Amber Raskin Executive Director of Business Development & Operations iLead Schools


Are you a leader in your life and work who recognizes the need for change, and has the willingness and courage to explore new territories of challenge and opportunity?

I am a passionate advocate who is well-trained and mission-bound to support your boldest explorations, delve with deep curiosity into your personal concerns and aspirations, and to deepen the culture of your organization.


I am here to help you to sustain positive shifts that enable you to enhance your life with rich relationships, a powerful sense of mission, and greater success for yourself and for your team.


I support you as you become a more effective leader, in your work and in your life, a leader that communicates with clarity, passion and impact.


I stand with you as you design your future, or the future of your organization in alignment with your values, vision and mission. A future that is fulfilling, productive, satisfying and, yes, J oyful.




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