Coaching for Organizations & Individuals



One on One Coaching - Sessions are one hour and can be done by Skype, phone or in person.

Session Series - Coaching for a minimum of 3 months twice monthly.

Having consistent, ongoing coaching allows us the opportunity to develop a powerful relationship of trust, respect and support that becomes the basis for questioning long held beliefs and assumptions, and inviting curiosity about new possibilities that fuel new choices and practices. 

Commitment and accountability for both my clients and myself are fully supported by this ongoing partnership as we explore new territory and create the profound shifts in perspective that pave the way towards real change. 

Individual Sessions - Appointments scheduled as needed - This is a great choice if you have a very specific short term opportunity or challenge that you would like to address. In this case we set up appointments one by one as needed. 



Group Coaching - Minimum of four clients, maximum of twelve, group coaching sessions range from two to four hours and may be held by Skype or in person. 

Sessions Series - Group coaching is a powerful tool for building communication skills and trust, and aligning your team's energy with the organization's vision and mission. Having a series of sessions allows for a much deeper exploration of team dynamics and creates an opportunity to develop the skills that support excellent communication, self-leadership, creative problem solving, and an energized and collaborative working environment.

Single Sessions - A single session can reveal and address many of the most common areas of challenge for organizations. It provides an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of communication and leadership skills.

Follow Up Coaching - Group coaching will open exciting new territories for further development. Supporting new awarenesses, behaviors, and attitudes with a series of individual coaching sessions after these experiences will ground new learnings as they are applied to the daily opportunities and challenges of the workplace. We can design a final group session where both the group and individual sessions will be debriefed and new learnings acknowledged and celebrated.



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