John Fitzgerald greatly exceeded my expectations for the senior leadership team retreat that I facilitated. He seamlessly integrated several lines of inquiry into the process and was successful in both gaining the group’s trust and keeping their interest throughout the entire exercise.

I highly recommend him for any function aiming to develop deeper levels of connection between individuals and a greater understanding about what brings them together.
— Jeff Balesh Kaiser Permanente Organization Effectiveness Department



Facilitated Experiences

  • Improve communication skills: Listening & assessing the impact of communication. 
  • Lead to healthier relationships.
  • Create better team chemistry.
  • Are wonderful opportunities to celebrate goals and accomplishments
  • Enhance self-awareness and self-regulation.
  • Align individuals and organizations with a felt sense of purpose.

The RhythmExperience


Music is a carrier of emotion, and it is emotion that motivates us most profoundly. Rhythm is music's most fundamental, and accessible aspect, and is a profound tool for connecting individuals and organizations to their sense of unity and purpose, and for focusing energy on goals and outcomes.  

From playful to profound, The RhythmExperience can be used as an icebreaker, a celebration, or as a tool for exploring the opportunities and challenges that all organizations encounter.

Through these facilitated, interactive rhythm experiences, combined with the use of metaphor, and coaching dialogue, I create experiences that invite creativity, curiosity, and challenge, in service of the goals of the organization and its members. 

All RhythmExperiences are designed in collaboration with my clients, tailored to their needs, and the desired outcomes of their organization. Consultation before hand, and debriefing after the experience, is included in all facilitated programs. Ongoing coaching is offered an effective way to integrate lessons learned.

Program lengths are dependent on the outcomes desired and the needs of the organization, ranging from simple 10 minute icebreakers to day long experiences.  

No prior musical experience is needed, and a diverse selection of colorful and intriguing rhythm instruments is provided.

Your words of wisdom and integrated messages were a perfect way to kick off this event. The drum circle was the perfect metaphor for how to work together to make a positive impact on our community.
— Bradley Albert Human Services Supervisor City of Santa Clarita, California


The VoiceExperience



Our voice is the sonic sum total of our personhood, reflecting our total life experience as well as our current state of being, both physical and emotional. It is a primary vehicle for sharing ideas, emotions, for coordinating action with others, and is one of the most important elements in creating and maintaining relationships and trust. It is fundamental to self-expression. When we speak, we truly "speak ourselves". Yet what thought do we give our voice? 

Listening is the other side of this coin of great value. When we tune into others' voices we are more able to connect, better able to understand what is being communicated, and respond more authentically in alignment with their stated needs and requests.

Facilitated VoiceExperiences are not about "singing" and require no musical experience. They are opportunities to explore and experience our relationship with our voice and to expand our range of expression and communicate with clarity and impact.

When individuals within teams listen deeply and communicate effectively, real connection takes place and being aligned with the mission and goals of their organization is not only possible, it is energizing!

As with RhythmExperiences, VoiceExperiences can vary in length according to the needs of the client and their organization.

The goal was to inject energy and community as the first thing for the 300 attendees and it was a huge success We used “The Changing Rhythm of Legal Education” as a metaphor for the conference theme which John worked that into his banter to seamlessly slide from the drum circle to the following sessions. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— John Mayer, Executive Director, Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction



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