Fundamental to all effective coaching is establishing a relationship of mutual trust and respect, a safe space for curiosity and wonder. As coaches, we explore the most inspiring, as well as the most challenging, aspects of our client's experience, and hold our clients as the primary source of the wisdom and direction that will lead to actions that are meaningful and sustainable. 

This exploration is supported by deep listening; listening beyond the spoken word to the tone of voice, the choice of word, the language of the body. Powerful, simple questions often illuminate deep insights; an experienced coach will offer opportunities for the client to consider a completely new way of viewing their circumstances, but will never impose an agenda or a judgement on their client.

New perspectives and insights lead to new awarenesses; new awarenesses form the basis for making new choices and taking new actions. Working with their clients to create sustainable practices that support meaningful change and a more fulfilling personal and work life, are the ultimate goals of coaching.

An article from the Huffington Post does and excellent job of defining what coaching is, and what it is not (therapy, mentoring, consulting, competition coaching). Click here to read it.




I veiw coaching as a co-creative process, one that is informed by my training, skill, and my personal journey. Led by my clients, it is their need to change, their belief that they can create more fulfilling and effective lives, that is the sole reason for our coaching relationship.

It is through the brilliance of our minds, the intuitive genius of our “gut” feelings, and the power of our emotions, that we explore and examine assumed beliefs. By being courageously curious about the "commonsense" interpretations that may have shaped our lives and work, we have the opportunity to question the underlying messages that have driven our interpretations, our beliefs, and therefore our actions.

For that is what they are; interpretations filtered through our personal experiences; societal, familial, cultural.

It is from this recognition at the deepest levels of our being that we can then design new habits of thought and action grounded in interpretations we choose rather than those we have received without question.

This shift in the way we see our world opens up broad new vistas in every area of our lives, transforming insurrmountable challenges into beautiful new opportunities.

Effective coaching requires commitment and a profound intention to intiate change on the part of any coaching client and it is my honor and my mission to hold both myself and my clients accountable to the goals they set.



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